Sins of London

Sins of London is a triptych of short films by writer/director team Milton & Tilton: three tales of moral crisis, united by theme yet each told through a different lens… a comedy, a drama, and an existential thriller.

Director: George Milton
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The Truth

The Truth is 2 Many Executives’ debut feature film. It was shot in Scotland, post-produced in London and Rome. It was critically acclaimed in the UK when theatrically released in 2006.

The Truth stars an ensemble cast of top British comedy talent alongside the illustrious Academy Award nominee Elizabeth McGovern.

‘An engagingly fresh take on a subgenre (murder-mystery) of potentially slim pickings. With consistently interesting plot twists and shifts in power between the uncertainly allied characters, the film’s a real rollercoaster, altering deliciously deadpan humor with serious insights, deft satire with dark suspense, and even managing to succeed, here and there, in several different tonal registers at once.’ Geoff Andrew, Time Out

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