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01/01/21 A Bullet Wasted behind-the-scenes

The pandemic has sometimes made us forget what physical filmmaking entailed… filmmaking is always hard and frustrating, but the challenges are wonderful. We look forward to doing more of it again in the future…

05/03/20 Martino Sclavi RIP

Our beloved friend and producer Martino died. He was the finest soul, and will be very missed. But his cajoling spirit lives on…

2 many executives was a joke name when we started, because we all know the experience of development and filmmaking being marred or even spoiled by too many executives.

And also because the three of us argued all the time, and could rarely agree on anything. Somehow we never fell out, which is partly tribute to Martino’s skills of diplomacy, much honed after working with Russell Brand.

It will be strange to be no longer three, but two.

But hopefully the two of us still remaining can keep Martino’s stubborn and unrelenting argumentative spirit alive and well… and that way we will still be 2 many executives.