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A Bullet Wasted

A Bullet Wasted is a short film chosen for a new scheme Challenge Trinity for Directors UK and Arri.

Arri have developed a spectacularly flexible, game-changing version of the Steadicam – the Trinity. Directors UK / Arri asked for stories that could be told in one single uninterrupted take.

A Bullet Wasted is a powerful story about the horrors of war and division, written by Milton & Tilton. It was produced by an experienced team, including director George Milton, producer Mike Downs, and Oscar-nominated cinematographer Robbie Ryan.

This new short is a co-production between 2ME and Electric Light Studios, and was shot in April 2019 – it was a very exciting and tense one day shoot where the team finally achieved one great take! 


Sins of London

Best UK Short 2009

Sins of London is a triptych of short films by writer/director team Milton & Tilton: three tales of moral crisis, united by theme yet each told through a different lens… a comedy, a drama, and an existential thriller.

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The Truth

‘Highly satisfying, slyly intelligent, engagingly fresh… a real rollercoaster. Long live the truth!’
4-stars   Geoff Andrew, Time Out

‘Smart, funny and ambitious’
5-stars Daily Record 

‘Funny dark and twisted. A great little film.’
Dazed and Confused

‘Wickedly funny’

‘A shrewdly ironic tale about the need to keep other people out of our brains’
Nigel Andrews, Financial Times

The Truth is 2 Many Executives’ debut feature film. It stars an ensemble cast of top British comedy talent alongside the illustrious Academy Award nominee Elizabeth McGovern.

The Truth is an outrageous murder-mystery for the Me Generation. Seven strangers go to a remote retreat for a week of soul searching. Encouraged to tell the truth at all times by their guru Donna Shuck, they venture on a spiritual journey of personal growth, taking in jealousy, hatred, sex, perversion and a little murder on the way.

It was shot in Scotland, post-produced in London and Rome, and critically acclaimed in the UK when theatrically released in 2006.