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First screening 15/05/19

The film had its first screening for Directors UK, alongside other ARRI Challenge Trinity and ARRI Challenge Alexa short films at the West End Vue. It was satisfying to see how the film held up on a very big cinema screen!

More BTS shots

Photos by Nick Chandler

Dawn breaks…
The mystery of the forest
Building the rig
Director George Milton walks the course with Trinity Op Dominic Jackson
Opening – just the forest for now
Mia Lacostena looks on, Robbie Ryan checks his tilt
George Milton discusses the shot with co-writer Mark Tilton
It’s a 25mm ARRI Signature Prime
Sound recordist Lucy Pickering and Boom Op Adrienne Taylor
Rueben-Henry Biggs gives it full throttle, even in rehearsal

A Bullet Wasted shoot April 3rd 2019

Dawn bodes well…

The Forest

Ina Luders AD trying to find her way by way of Director’s poor map

Robbie Ryan DoP backlit
Actors Joe Bolland & Mia Lacostena
Robbie Ryan DoP & Mark Tilton co-writer discuss finer points of breakfast
Robbie points the way to Trinity Op Dominic Jackson, watched by a doubtful Sound Department of Boom Op Adrienne Taylor & Production Sound Recordist Lucy Pickering
Make-up by Make-up Designer Reuben-Henry Biggs
Actors Michael Adams, Joe & Mia, Reuben under the sack
Biscuit break
The Machine
Soaking up the rays in-between takes
The loneliness of the Trinity Op
Recording a wildtrack
Post take kick-back
The spirits of the Forest speak…

A Bullet Wasted fight rehearsal March 2019

In early March top stunt co-ordinator Paul Kennington (credits include Bond and Harry Potter) took actors Mia Lacostena and Joe Bolland and director George Milton through a fight rehearsal…

Mia Lacostena can kick…
Joe Bolland can wrestle…
Paul Kennington can direct…
…and fall
The struggle over the gun

A Bullet Wasted technical rehearsal March 2019

In early March DoP Robbie Ryan (freshly BAFTA & Oscar nominated) and Director George Milton rehearsed the 10 minute camera move for their new film, on location in the Black Park forest. Nick Chandler @nick.chandler_film operated a small gimble… photos by Olivia Lightfoot , square formats by George Milton.

Robbie ‘The Hat’ Ryan, DoP Extraordinaire
Actor Joe Bolland

Camera Op Nick Chandler

Actors Mia Lacostena, Joe Bolland & Michael Adams

Actors Joe Bolland, Rueben Henry-Biggs & Mia Lacostena

Producer Mike Downs ponders with George
Michael Adams

Joe Bolland
Mia Lacostena points a gun
George does that director thing with his hands
Reuben Henry-Biggs has got teeth

A successful rehearsal

A Bullet Wasted Recce December 2018

The Exec Producer and the Director went looking in forests for the perfect location for their new film… And then Martino Sclavi found the perfect clearing in a pine forest, indeed right in the middle of the pine wood that gave Pinewood Studios its name…

2 many executives announce new short film 20/11/18

A Bullet Wasted is a short film chosen for a new scheme Challenge Trinity for Directors UK and Arri.

Arri have developed a spectacularly flexible, game-changing version of the Steadicam – the Trinity. Directors UK / Arri asked for stories that could be told in one single uninterrupted take.

A Bullet Wasted is a powerful story about the horrors of war and division written by Milton & Tilton. It will be produced by an experienced team, including director George Milton, producer Mike Downs, and Oscar-nominated cinematographer Robbie Ryan.

This new short is a co-production between 2ME and Electric Light Studios, and will be shot in early April 2019 – it’s a one day shoot where the team will be aiming to achieve one perfect take! 

finch in my brain in the daily telegraph 13/06/2017

Another piece on Martino and his memoir by Charlotte Lytton – all about bedtime reading stories:



finch in my brain in the Observer

The Finch in My Brain’s first piece of UK press is ‘Ghost Writer’, an article in the Observer Magazine 11/06/2017  by Rachel Cooke

The Finch in My Brain launch party

The Finch in My Brain launch party is at Waterstones, Islington Green at Tuesday 13th June 2017 6.30pm, all welcome

The Finch in My Brain published in the UK


Martino Sclavi’s memoir The Finch in My Brain is published in the UK by Hodder on June 15 2017

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